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Vipassana meditation or insight meditation is the cross or/ transcultural meditation practiced by global spiritualists and it has now arrived in Estonia.
This weekly meditation program, based on the mindfulness-awareness practice, emotional intelligence, and Bhanteism, with traditional approach, offers the participants who want to relate more positively to stress, crisis moments, and who want to develop self-development, inner peace, social love, compassionate action and productivity at works.
The program will be offered in a nonsectarian manner and is open to any faith and those without faith. The participants will develop self-awareness, social awareness, improved impulse control, self-transformation and letting go negative identities.
In each week, there will be a small spiritual talk by Chipamong Chowdhury on various aspects Buddhist spirituality such as fears, forgiveness, empathy, hopes, dignity, loves, healings, and angers, compassionate actions, and humanistic society.

Location: Genclub, Tartu/Gen Klubi
Day: Tuesdays
Time 18:00-20:00
Fees: Donation bases from 2 Euro….
For more details contact
Chipamong Chowdhury: chidhamma@gmail.com
Terje Toomistu Cece, terjetoomistu@gmail.com
Chipamong CHOWDHURY: is a Theravada Buddhist monk, socially engaged monastic activist and teacher of contemplative education, humanistic spirituality, and Asian humanities. He studied and trained in traditional Vipassana meditation in Burma, Sri Lanka and Thailand, and social spirituality in America. He travels extensively in Asia and North America, teaching and facilitating social-mindfulness meditation workshops. He holds three MAs in Buddhist studies, Religious studies, and South Asian studies from University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, Naropa University, USA and University of Toronto, Canada. He now teaches at the University of Tartu on contemporary Buddhism and Pali Language.

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