Sündmuste arhiiv

ESN: Charity Bachelor Auction


Sel nädalal toimub Genialistide Klubis poissmeeste oksjon ning iga kulutatud sent läheb SocialErasmusele, et seda heategevuseks kasutada.

Pakkumine algab 3 eurost.

Ladies, here is your chance to get a date with a cute and charming guy of your pick! Be ready to raise your voice and drop some coins for your favourite hunks, and remember, there are no rules in war and love! Every dime you are willing to spend to get a date with a handsome bachelor will go to SocialErasmus in order to do some good for those in need :)

The event takes place on the 12th of November at 22.00 in Genialistide Klubi! The bidding starts from 3 euros for each bachelor.

Free entrance!

Get ready for a great show!