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Meet the World: Turkey

Domus Dorpatensis presents:

Meet the World is a series of events, where you will each time hear people speaking about different intriguing countries. These people are always somehow connected to the subject country and Estonia, so they can give you an insight you would not get by simply visiting the country.

This time the topic is Turkey and the guest speakers are Mustafa Soysal and Inkeri Parman.

Mustafa Soysal is currently doing his Ph.D in Cultural Studies at Tallinn University. He will speak how East and West, North and South are seen in the Turkish culture. The richness of the Turkish culture is illustrated through food, music and its intellectual and philosophical development.

Inkeri Parman, a student of Journalism and Communication and the president of AIESEC in Tartu has lived in Turkey during spring 2012 and has travelled there many times. She also studied at a Turkish university, lived in a Turkish family, and has shaken hands with the prime minister of Turkey – Erdogan.

There will also be oriental dancers from Duende and Turkish snacks!

The event is free and will be held in English.


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The event is sponsored by University of Tartu Student Council and AS Maris Gilden.