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Meet The World: Spain


Meet the World is a series of events, where you will be hearing people speak about a different intriguing country each time. These people are somehow connected to both countries so they can give you an insight you would not get by simply visiting the country.

This time the topic is Spain and the guest speakers are Jorge González Fernández, José Inestal Hernandez and Nele Laos.


Jorge is a Spanish student who started studying Semiotics in Tartu a few months ago. He will speak about the differences between Spain and Estonia, the way of life in Spain, how they understand their identity, the current problems existing in their country and some peculiar aspects of their culture. He will also offer a brief introduction of Flamenco music as well as live Flamenco guitar playing.


Nele and Jose are living in Viljandi since autumn 2012, both connected to UT Viljandi Culture Academy. Nele is a culture management student and Jose is a philosophy and spanish language teacher. Nele will explain how she ended up in Madrid. Jose will talk about what does it mean to be an immigrant in Estonia and how similar and different those two people can be. They will talk about how their different cultural backgrounds have influenced their everyday communication.


There will also be Spanish food!

The event is free and will be held in English.

Event on FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/325642134241291/