Sündmuste arhiiv

ESN Language Café


Have you ever wondered how to break the awkward silence with that Estonian guy you share the elevator with every morning? Or how to surprise the cute girl from Rüütli Street by giving her a compliment in her native tongue?

If you have, then look no further! ESN Language Café is an event that breaks all language and cultural barriers. Just pick a language from our selection that you’re most interested in and let the knowledge fill your veins.

We’re planning on having native speakers as teachers for the following languages: Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Estonian. Everyone is welcome, it doesn’t matter whether you don’t know a single word yet or you already consider yourself a pro.

This time the broad topic will be “Small talk and Socialising”. Basically, it means that you can ask to be taught everything from chitchatting about the (terrible) weather to making cheeky pick-up lines!

In short: Language Café
Where? Genialistide Klubi
When? Tuesday, April 1(no, it’s not a joke) at 21 hs.
Entrance: Free

Be there… or be monolingual!!!

Event in FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/617272781689674/