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Manka Boutique Festival @ Tartu

30.05 reedel – Genklubis Manka Boutique Pop Festival And Sex Records Presents :Ruslan PX Band ( *Sineje Plamja* Vynil LP Presentatsion)Neon Noir (new wave)Android Vasja (surf)And

DJ Cuke
DJ Green Regime









Indie Music Festival From Tallinn, Estonia.


Manka Boutique Pop Festival 2014
11 – 12.07
Tallinn, Estonia

At the beginning there was a party called Manka Boutique at the Von Krahl club. Namely, in 2002-2006 each quarter there were theme parties aiming to demonstrate interesting local Russian-speaking artists performing in indie-pop style.

In 2006 the necessity for bigger events was realized. As a consequence an open air Manka Boutique Pop Festival was organized and it became an annual event.

Manka Boutique Pop Festival means 2-days of music and performances of more than 15artists at the heart of Tallinn (Viru squire). Musicians from Estonia, Latvia,Russia and Sweden played at the festival.

The location at the city center is not accidental. The organizers of the festival want to introduce local and foreign musicians to random audience, not to the 24h party people only. The entrance is free, the audience is ca 500 people.

Now basic festival place is at Pirita Beach + Nigt Stage in differant clubs in the center of the city.

On the occasion of the festival a free CD, DVD or mp3 collection with works of performers and not only had been released.

In 2014 Manka Boutique Pop Festival is 9th.