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Eelviimane pinksiturniir Entusiastidega


Pinksiturniir – Õue hooaja eelviimane

Pinks-ponks-pinksi-ponks, eelviimane võimalus ennast Uues Õues sotsiaalses ping-pongis proovile panna, läbi viib Uue Õue lemmik-itaallane Simone Cassano!

Playoff tournaments – games up to 11 points. According to the number of participants, we’ll see how many tournaments will be played – so far we have always managed to play at least two tournaments. Don’t worry if you arrive late, we’ll try to find a way to squeeze you into the tournament. and the best losers will definitely have a second chance. Paddles and balls are not needed, good mood is!

Five drinks will be kindly offered as a prize by Genklubi.

Sündums FBs: https://www.facebook.com/events/1478935755715047/