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ESN Tartu Buddy Party: Wild Wild West


Finally it’s time to meet your buddy!

Buddy Party is an event where you can meet your buddy, socialise with others, play cool games, dance and spend another unforgettable night in Tartu with your new friends.

The theme is “Wild Wild West”, so find your best clothes, hats and boots to respond to this topic.

Your mood will be lifted by Hajameelsed Kunznikud with an amusing and fun music. In addition, the night will include sets from our well known DJ-s White and Ziggy M!

Cheer up your future buddy and come and make sure you join us!


WHERE: Genialistide Klubi

ENTRANCE: 2€ for buddies, 4€ with ESN card, others 6€

Sündmus FBs: https://www.facebook.com/events/1417499831808244/