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ESN Hive – MOVIE NIGHT – Tudengimuusikal (Eesti 2009, 60 min)



Would you call yourself a movie buff? Do you like watching different types of films? Would tou like to get to know bit more about Estonia via films?

No matter if you said yes to one, all or none of the questions above, you are more than welcome to join ESN Hive cultural event – A MOVIE NIGHT. We’ll start on Tuesday, October 7th in Gen club.

The first film of this semester is called A STUDENT MUSICAL. What is that you ask ?? It is musically enriched film about the life of students in Tartu. It’ll surely be kind of close to your hearts since you know the locations as well as probably some of the situations and maybe even some people are familiar to you. Oh and the leading actress now stars in one of the most popular crime series, Kättemaksukontor.

A bit of knowledge regarding the plot:
Elen (Adeele Sepp), girl from Tallinn, starts a new life in September. She moves from father’s home in Tallinn to dorm in Tartu to study economy in the university. From day one she will start to learn real student life from her girlfriend Liis (Merli Plink) and roommate Kati (Katre Luik): how to party, study for the exams, shop in second-hand stores and handle one’s love-life. She will have to deal with two very different guys: Dima (Dimitri Kurilov) and Kaarel (Kaarel Targo). “Student musical” is the biggest Estonian student film, filled with singing, dancing, love and young energy.

The film will be in Estonia, but it has English subtitles. It lasts for 60 minutes.

The trailer is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJJtJqnUM2M

See you in Gen club next Tuesday!

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