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Seekordne dokumentaalika sügisfest keskendub subkultuuridele. Programm üritab mõtestada ja mõista erinevusest tulevaid pingeid

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18.00 “Musical Minds – Pure Intensity” 2014

Musical Minds is a documentary exploring the lives of two Autistic individuals, Nick and J.B.
They host a public access show called “Hot Tracks”.

“We really wanted to share with the public how an individual deals with autism and what their normal day to day life looks like. Autism is a way of life and many people struggle with different forms of autism. JB and Nick are two individuals who have Aspergers. We met them several years ago and realized that they are both unique individuals with many great qualities and interesting personalities. They were joined together at a public access station in Hudsonville Michigan in 2002 where they started a show called “Hot Tracks”. The show consists of playing music and rating the music 1-5 stars. In conclusion to the show they air jam to their favorite song as the credits scroll.
Andrew Bedinger and James Grochowalski teamed up to film the lives of these two guys to show their accomplishments as well as their struggles in life. We have been filming them for 4 years, so please help us share this amazing story of two individuals who are willing to share their life story and open up about the autism they have.



18.00 “Red Letter Media Wars – Plinkett” 2012