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Tahm (EST)

Paul Sild uses Tahm as the primary output of his home recordings. Looping rhythms, synths and bass constitute the framework of the music. Screeching yet melodic guitar is added on top. As of 2014, the project’s discography consists of a digital EP “Styx” (2013), which was later released on cassette by Trash Can Dance. A full length album can be expected in 2015.



Ninni Forever Band (FIN)

Ninni Forever Band is a one person band by Ninni Luhtasaari who has a golden hunch of pop, electric super sounds and novice touch on experiments with rock’n'roll.

The Ninni Forever Band self titled debut album was released by a Finnish Tampere-based label Äänetön in November 2012. It was recorded and produced by Risto Ylihärsilä of Risto and Teemu Markkula of Death Hawks. The album contains 11 solid weird and golden songs.

Lately she’s been busy with her maternity leave. Her brains are soon bound to explode if she won’t make any new music. Next hit songs are already in her demo folder.

Ninni is a musician, visual artist and a hat maker. She is also known from such favourite bands as Pintandwefall and Risto.



The Hearing (FIN)

The Hearing is the solo alias of Helsinkian musician Ringa Manner. You might have run across the name during the last few years in Finland and around Europe.

In her live act the artist lets you feel the warm vocal harmonies, arbitrary pop melodies, moving rhythms and a strong presence by combining all these skillful traits with looping technique, thus forming a way out the current moment and location. A poet and a rocker, she fuses Owen Pallett, Kate Bush, Tune-Yards and Freddie Mercury all into a minimalistically powerful one-woman show.

The Hearing has done some 100 shows around Europe in its 3 years of existence. These shows include such small and uncompromising art music festivals as Kuudes Aisti in Helsinki, Finland; United Islands festival in the middle of Vltava river in Prague, and Sejerø Festival on the idyllic Danish Sejerø island; as well as warming up for bigger international names like Nina Persson and 30 Seconds To Mars.

The Hearing has released her debut album ‘Dorian’ in October 2013 via Finnish label Gaea Records. It is a confident first album showing musical creativity and strong songwriting.

As the label has put it:
The Hearing is no basic woman + guitar business, it’s quite something else!




Liis Kippar
Rasmus Eist
Helena Teemets
Maria Kaarep
Tiiu Niinemets

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