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Comedy Estonia: Möku Open Mic @ Uus Õu

R/ 21.08/ 20:00 / prii @ Uus Õu
Comedy Estonia: Möku Open Mic
Mikael Meema, Rauno Kuusik, Taniel Kasemägi, Sander Õigus, Mikk Sügis ja Ardo Asperk
Sel suvel viimast korda Uues Õues!

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For the last time this summer Comedy Estonia will have an open mic outside at Möku

It won’t rain this time. No chance. We spoke to the old gods AND the new and they assured it. They also said something about winter coming but it’s ages away.

Performing on the evening

Mikael Meema
Rauno Kuusik
Taniel Kasemägi
Sander Õigus
Mikk Sügis
Ardo Asperk

The show will be performed in a one hour set

Entry is free!