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T 03.11.15/ 21:00/ prii
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ESN Tartu (Erasmus Student Network Tartu) on mittetulundusühing, mis tegeleb Tartu erinevates kõrgkoolides õppivate välistudengite integreerimisega Eesti ühiskonda.

The greatest European musical event of the year is coming…
And it is Eurovision.

But before we head in front of the TV-screens to choose the best performer, we are challenging each other to sing the songs of our countries.

Each contestant can choose their own country’s song that has been performed previously in Eurovision song competition. However, we have ESNvision song contest. Our contest welcomes participants from all over the world (not only from Europe), so you`re free to choose the song you like and perform it.

Best song and singer will be chosen and there will be a prize.

To register, write your country, the song and performers (there can be up to 6, just like at the Eurovision) in the comments section here.