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Comedy Estonia: Up Late with Comedy Estonia


N 19.11.15/ 22:30/ prii/annetus
Comedy Estonia: Up Late with Comedy Estonia
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This might come as a surprise to some but stand-up comedy is usually jokes that have been written beforehand. Just as Santa was actually the neighborhood drunk in a red suit, character acting for an easy buck.

This is why some of our comedians wanted to challenge themselves in a comfortable environment and try something different, daring one might even say. On this night you will see members of our crew get on the stage without any written material and they have to wiggle their way out of it somehow.

The one catch is that they will be given topics on the spot that are going to be the context of their improvised stand-up set. It might be amazing, it might be super awkward, all we know is that it’s going to be hilarious either way!

Show starts at 22:30 and is not a formal show like we usually do. This is a late night experiment where we all sit around, have a few drinks and see what we can come up with. There may be an interval. Maybe not. Or you can just go downstairs and get a drink. It’s chill.

Performing on the night

Karl-Alari Varma
Louis Zezeran
Stewart Johnson
Tim Reidy
Sander Õigus
Mikael Meema
Daniel Veinbergs
Mikk Sügis
Rauno Kuusik
Kristjan Jekimov

The show is presented mostly in Estonian with some acts in English.

Entry is free but we do have a bucket for donations. We use the cash to travel around Estonia and do weird shit like this so we thank you for your support.