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ESN Tartu Beer Bingo


T 24.11.15/ 21:00/ prii
ESN Tartu Beer Bingo
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ESN Tartu (Erasmus Student Network Tartu) on mittetulundusühing, mis tegeleb Tartu erinevates kõrgkoolides õppivate välistudengite integreerimisega Eesti ühiskonda.
Bingo, yeah it is your grandma’s favourite game, but we have to disappoint you. We are not playing with grandmas we will be playing our Erasmus bingo, the game starts by buying a drink which will give you a bingo ticket. Each one will have a ticket with numbers on it and there will be a magical ball which shows random numbers from 1-75 once you see the number you highlight it on your ticket, once you have completed a line, a diagonal, or the whole ticket you scream BINGO. We will have 3 winner for each game, there will be prizes for 3 winners each game, 1st place for who complete the whole bingo ticket, 2nd for completing a diagonal, 3rd for completing a line.

The prizes are given by our host: Möku, Vats, and Gen

WHAT: ESN Tartu Beer Bingo
WHEN: 9:00 pm, November 24
WHERE: Genialistide Klubi, Magasini 5
HOW MUCH: Free entrance, a drink = a bingo ticket.
CONTACT: Ayham Taleb, Maarja Lustar; info@esn.ee