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Experimental Film Evening #3


Experimental Film Evening #3
T 03.05.16/ 21:30/ prii
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1734315446813157/

EFE #3 will have 2 very experimental films this time. First we will push back the boundaries of experimental film with a Live Film Performance by Sveta Bogomolova (www.svetabogomolova.com) and Vahram Muradyan (www.vahrammuradyan.com) (around 30 mins).

Sveta studied in St Petersberg and Tartu and is an artist and teacher. She has provided visual accompaniment to various live musical performances. This will be her first Live Film Performance.
Vahram is a graphic designer, artist and musician originally from Armenia. His work is regularly published internatinally. He will provide a live soundtrack to Sveta’s film.

The second film will be produced by the EFE workshop this weekend, so as that film hasn’t been made yet we have not title, and no subject :)