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Comedy Estonia: Summer Open Mic at Uus Õu 7.07.16


Comedy Estonia: Summer Open Mic at Uus Õu
N 7.07.16/ 20:00/ prii
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1655296048126588/

Sun time is fun time and Comedy Estonia are doing a series of outdoor Open Mic shows all over Estonia! On July 7th we have an outdoor show on the lovely terrace at Uus Õu in Tartu!

Open Mic is a stand up show with more performers than usual, each doing a shorter set. The comedian could be doing totally new material, maybe something classic or a remix of both. The show becomes fast paced and you get to see many styles of comedy. Open Mic is a great way to relax at the end of a long day on the beach, or a long day staring at the beach from your office window.

Stand up comedy is unique that each performer writes their own jokes, or indeed, comes up with them on the spot. The great part about it is that you never quite know what will happen, while one performer may have had the sharpest, cleverest lines ever written, the next may be totally improvised and inspired by something which they saw earlier that day.

Open Mic is also different to our other shows because the entry is free, however if you enjoyed yourself we ask for a donation at the end. We don’t use the money for beer (ok maybe a few beers) but mostly to pay for busses, petrol and accommodation so we can do more and more shows around Estonia this summer. We think our Open Mic shows are fun and our comedians have worked hard on what they do so if you can throw in a few euros or even a fiver, that is greatly appreciated by us all.


Show starts at 20:00 on the outdoor terrace at Uus Õu and has one break. Entry is free however we ask for a donation at the end if you liked the show.