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Queer/Diversity Adult Movie Night

queer diversity

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/351269535205199/

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This is what it seems like, we are going to screen porn. Clips from artists like Four Chambers (Vex Ashley), Buck Angel, Pink White Productions (Jiz Lee), and Wild Productions.

The event is about body positivity, interpretation of sexuality, removing stigma out of sex and porn.

Cover pic by Four Chambers / Vex Ashley: http://www.afourchamberedheart.com/

The discussion is led by Tommi Paalanen, who is a Finnish Philosopher and an Ethicist, whose major interests are sexual rights and ethics. He works as the Executive Director in the Sexpo Foundation (Finland), which specializes in training sexologists, providing counseling and therapy and engaging in sexual politics in order to advance sexual wellbeing and a diverse and liberal society.

Admission 5 euros.
Free admission for NACS conference participants

Eesti keeles:
Esimene selletaoline filmiõhtu Tartus! Ongi nii, et näitame pornoklippe. 5-8 esitajat kokku umbes 45-60 minuti ulatuses. Esindatud on Four Chambers (Vex Ashley), Buck Angel, Pink White Productions (Jiz Lee) ja Wild Productions.

Ürituse tuum seisneb seksuaalsuse tõlgendamises, stigmade kaotamises. Istume, vaatame lühifilme, räägime pornost, elust, seksist.

Vestlusringi juhib Tommi Paalanen, Soome eetik ja filosoof. Tema peamised uurimisvaldkonnad on seksuaalsed õigused ja eetika.

Sissepääs 5 eurot
NACSi onverentsi osalejatele tasuta!
NB! Üritus toimub inglise keeles.