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EFE #4: “Man with a Movie Camera”

efe 4

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The Experimental Film Evening toob seekord huvilisteni kinoklassikasse kuuluva linateose “Man With a Movie Camera” (1929). Kui räägitakse filmiajaloo kulgu mõjutanud teostest, võib ikka ja jälle märgata seda Dziga Vertovi filmi pealkirja kõrvuti “Citizen Kane’i” või “Soomuslaev Potjomkiniga”.

The Experimental Film Evening returns after its summer break with an evening dedicated to one film, the classic of Soviet cinema from 1929, Dziga Vertov’s MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA.

This almost forgotten film regularly appears in the list of best ever documentaries and is often mentioned alongside films like Citizen Kane and Battleship Potempkin as influential on the history of cinema. It was way ahead of its time in it’s use of an unconventional non-narrative form, metanarrative and rapid editing techniques, as well as many other techniques. It is as interesting and exciting today as is was controversial and ground-breaking when it was released.