Sündmuste arhiiv

Afterwork // Exposition


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Dear people in Tartu,

Estonians ask us often what we think about Estonia. Don’t you think it’s time to settle this thing ?

A group of foreigner organize an event to solve this question. In fact, this event is the opportunity for you to discover the point of view of different people and share a drink together.

The concept is new here and it’s called Afterwork. The purpose is to have a good time with a drink after your working time (school, job) and think about all the ideas you have about Estonia.

Indeed, our group will promote the Estonian culture with an exposition of pictures. Those pictures come from student from the Tartu Art School. The pictures will point out portrait of Estonia and landscape of this beautiful country.

This event is just the best opportunity to clear your mind with people from everywhere. Just come to express your opinion of Estonia and let’s enjoy this moment. It will take place at Möku on April, 17th.