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ESN Tartu Language Cafe

ESN Tartu Language Cafe

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ESN Tartu keeleklubi esitleb: ESN Tartu Language Cafe! Pole oluline, kas soovid tulla ja õppida paar sõna mõnest keelest, mis sulle üdini võõras või tugevdada oskusi, mis juba olemas – oodatud on nii A1-d, B2-d, C1-d kui ka veregruppi 0 kuuluvad punapõsed.


Have you ever wondered how to break the awkward silence with that Estonian girl you share the elevator with every morning? Or how to compliment your flatmates for their tasty food in their native tongue? If yes, then the ESN Language Café is the perfect opportunity for you to break your language and cultural barriers.

Native speakers of different languages will provide you with tips and tricks on how to do small talk and socialise in their languages. You will also be able to practise the languages you have learnt in the past or you are currently learning. Don’t be shy, everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter whether you don’t know a single word yet or you already consider yourself an expert.
WHAT: ESN Tartu Language Café
WHEN: Sunday, 7th of May – 21:00/9PM
WHERE: Genialistide Klubi 2nd floor
Contact: Kätli Raudmäe (FB), tartu@esn.ee