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Experimental Film Evening #7


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Experimental Film Evening toob seekord vaajate ette Chris Markeri post-apokalüptilise linateose “La Jetée”. Lisaks tulevad näitamisele Hollywoodi-kriitiline “The Life and Death of 9413: a Hollywood Extra” ja “Sink or Swim”, Su Friedrichi paljukiidetud autobiograafiline film.

EFE #7 will show perhaps the best, and certainly the most underrated, post apocalypse film, Chris Marker’s LA JETEE (28 mins, 1962). Made up entirely of photographs, except for a few seconds of 16mm film, the film is a multi-faceted, time-travelling love story that continues to inspire filmmakers, not least Terry Gilliam, who used it as the basis for The Army of the 12 Monkeys.

Alongside Marker’s film will be THE LIFE AND DEATH OF 9413: A HOLLYWOOD EXTRA (14 mins, 1928), a presciently early critical look at the Hollywood system, and SINK OR SWIM (48 mins, 1990), Su Friedrich’s acclaimed autobiographical film composed of 26 short pieces.