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Prophets IV


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Festival Skeneraator ja üritustesari PROPHETS toovad teieni parima underground-muusika. Üritus toimub neljandat korda ja mõlemal korrusel.

Kallid sõbrad, jagame ja sheerime ning lets ho!



DEW8 - Beats and rap (Tartu)

DEW8 (read: Dewey) is a beatmaker/lyricist/musician from Tartu, Estonia, whose sounds are soaked in dark psychedelia.

In 2017 DEW8 released a DIY beat tape with fast based beats called “GRIP”.

You can also hear his beats on 12EEK Monkey “Xibalba Spa” (Kanalisatsioon, Snaige Olümpos, Oimjakon).

YouTube: DEW8 – “SALT”



Lastryko - Instrumental Rock / Math Rock / Noise Rock / Post-rock / Shoegaze (Poola / Poland)

Lastryko is a trio from northern Poland. Their music is inspired by old school sci-fi books, Challenger Deep exploration and all sorts of music from jazz to noise rock. Over the last year, They’ve played several shows around Poland including opening for Follakzoid (chl), Toe (jp) and Tortoise (us).

Band creates their music by free improvisation and searching for the most interesting ideas which are along the way turned into songs. Spirit of open, collective exploration can be easily heard on recordings and when the band is performing live. Their shows are always full of tension and unexpected dynamic changes.
Their eponymous LP is going to be released on 09.09.2017 via Music is The Weapon.



Pelkotila - Crust Punk / Neocrust / Sludge (Soome / Finland)

Pelkotila was founded in autumn 2013 when Aleksi Roitto (drums) and Otto Trygg (vocals, guitar) sat down in Pub Aleksis K. in Helsinki, Finland. Coincidence or not, they both had been thinking about exactly the same idea: to start a crust punk band musically close to Tragedy and From Ashes Rise – to play dark, rocking crust punk filled with dismal yet powerful guitar leads. Very soon after the decision of forming a band, Niikka Lius took up the bass and vocals, and eventually, Kalle Kuosmanen (guitar) completed the lineup when the band was ready to record their first EP and play their first live show. At a very early stage, it became clear that the lyrics for this band would be in the member’s native language, in Finnish.

Four years since the founding the base of operation is pretty much unchanged. Pelkotila has released a full-length album Pelon ilmapiiri (2017), two 7 inches (Unohdettu Tulevaisuus Split 2016, self-titled EP 2015)



Gené Kruppa - Melodical Hardcore / Experimental (Läti / Latvia)




Sociasylum- Hardcore Punk/ Powerviolence (Tallinn)





Ratchet – Tribal industrial / noise
Jébedijee – segasummasuvila


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