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ESN Tartu Language café


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ESN Tartu keeleklubi esitleb: ESN Tartu Language Cafe! Pole oluline, kas soovid tulla ja õppida paar sõna mõnest keelest, mis sulle üdini võõras või tugevdada oskusi, mis juba olemas – oodatud on nii A1-d, B2-d, C1-d kui ka veregruppi 0 kuuluvad punapõsed.

If you don’t know how to break the silence with that foreign student sitting next to you at the lecture, or how to compliment your flatmates on their tasty food in their native language… then this event is for YOU!
At ESN Language Café you can ask native speakers to teach you the basics of their languages, or just get some free practice on what you have already studied. Whether you are a polyglot or don’t know a single foreign word, don’t be shy and try one of the 7+ languages we will have at the venue.

What else are you waiting for? Come and find the most beautiful languages and experiment with the pronunciation of many unkown words!

WHAT: ESN Tartu Language Café
WHEN: 17.10 at 20.00
WHERE: Genialistide Klubi
CONTACT: Mia Prokopiv (FB) / tartu@esn.ee