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ESN Tartu Bachelor Auction


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Semestri kõige kuumem õhtu tuleb taas! Mitu jalustrabavat poissmeest on valmis näitama enda paremat poolt, et võluda ära kogu rahvas! Tule ja vaata oma silmaga kui kütkestavad nad on ja kui palju nad suudavad nalja teha!

ESN Tartu (Erasmus Student Network Tartu) on mittetulundusühing, mis tegeleb Tartu erinevates kõrgkoolides õppivate välistudengite integreerimisega Eesti ühiskonda.

Do you feel like doing something which makes you feel good? Do you want to help someone who needs your help? Are you interested in getting to spend an awesome evening with one of the most eligible bachelors in Tartu as a prize for contributing? If yes, then here’s your opportunity to do that! As a reward you can choose between 10 amazing guys – come and see them for yourself! We are organising a charity auction where you have an opportunity to buy a date with your favourite bachelor. The bidding for each of the gentlemen will start from 5€.

Come and participate to profit the Tartu Homeless Animal Shelter as all of your donations and funds raised throughout this event will go towards helping the animals there. If you’ve been there – or will go there for the Animal Shelter visit event – you will see just how much of a necessity our donation is to them.

Here is YOUR CHANCE to give back to the community by helping these animals! And as a prize you will gain a new friend!

Start putting your money aside because the cause is definitely worth it! We only accept CASH, so be sure to bring enough of it!

The auction will begin at 21 and we will be accepting donations all through the evening! Come be a part of this evening and help us raise money!

There will also be an afterparty after the auction in Genialistide Klubi.


WHAT: Social Inclusion Days: ESN Tartu Bachelor Auction
WHEN: 30th of November 2017 at 21:00
WHERE: Genialistide Klubi
HOW MUCH: recommended donation 1€ or more
CONTACT: Anna Soone (FB), Gopichand Gopini (FB), Eva Jänes (FB) / tartu@esn.ee