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Bulgarian Film Nights #1


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Kahel Bulgaaria Filmide õhtul näeb kokku nelja värskelt teost.

Esimesel õhtul:

17.00 ”Monkey” (2016)

19:00 – ”While Aya was sleeping” (2016)

Filmid on inglise keelsete subtiitritega

Pilet 4€/ seanss


Bulgarian Film Nights welcomes you to be part of a cinematic world which you might have not experienced yet!

These two nights are dedicated to curios cinema lovers that are interested to see how the Bulgarian cinema world is nowadays.
Two countries and many creative teams got together to create that pleasant event for you , cinema lovers!

The nights will consist overall four recent Bulgarian movies with English subtitles. Comedy, documentary, drama = all of the spirits and the soul.

17:00 – “Monkey” (2016)

19:00  - ’While Aya was sleeping” (2016)

Films are with English subtitles.

Ticket prize: 4 euros

Hope to see you there!

This event will not be possible without you:
Artin Vision 
FilmMark Film Production
No blink Film Production
Spotlight Film Production
Genialistide Klubi Team
Aglika Choneva-Stoilova
Karl Edgar Tammi