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ESN Tartu Karaoke night


FB: https://fb.com/events/201638563940860/

Hey you, yes you!
Do you love karaoke?

Have you ever dreamed about performing in front of many people or you have a secret singing skill that other people don’t know yet? Then it’s your time to shine!

ESN Tartu Karaoke night is here! Get ready to show your favourite songs from all the time through singing!
Don’t worry if you’re not a professional singer or musician, no previous skills are required as long as You are having fun!

Get ready to gather all your friends and have a memorable evening with the new superstars in Tartu!
WHAT: ESN Tartu Karaoke night
WHEN: 13.03.2018 21:00/9PM
WHERE: Genialistide klubi
CONTACT: Mohit Masta (FB), tartu@esn.ee