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Semiosalong3: Alexander Davies & Mihhail Lotman/Kalevi Kull


Semiosalong on Eesti Semiootika Seltsi egiidi all tegutsev mitteformaalne seminarisari, kus rakendatakse semiootilist analüüsimeetodit erinevatele maailma nähtustele ning tähistatakse seda, kui äge on semiootika.

Alex’s title: “Choice Bounded by a System: UT Students and their Course-Load”
Mihhail/Kalevi’s title: “Ilya Prigogine far from Equilibrium: The Semiotics of Self-Organising Systems”

Self-organizing structures arise spontaneously from the interaction of the parts of a disorganized whole. The emergent order is decentralized, but in the case of living systems often entails mass cooperation between organisms. The parts involved in the ant colony may not be aware of any common aim but work together nevertheless, to realize a whole greater than the sum. The extent to which the parts of a human society are aware of any common aim behind their swarming is equally disputable, but it is certain that neither the case of the ant colony nor the metropolis can be explained mechanistically. Is it possible that conscious, instrumental aims might inhibit the emergence of new self-organized systems? The spring Semiosalong 2018 series investigates the intersection of complex systems and political philosophy by considering how cooperative spontaneous orders emerge independent of the conscious intention of their individual parts.