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JÄÄB ÄRA! Comedy Estonia: English Comedy Night ft. Sarah Callaghan


INFO: ”Hi Everyone

I am very sorry to say we need to cancel the Sarah Callaghan show in Gen Klubi on Wednesday night. Sarah just got back from New Zealand and some health problems from the trip and was unable to travel.

Please contact Piletilevi and they will issue you a refund. They have been informed and are waiting for you.

If you have any questions please write us here on FB and I’ll help you out.

TALLINN SHOW ON THURSDAY IS STILL HAPPENING. We managed to rebook her into Tallinn on Thursday so that show is going ahead as normal.

Tallinn Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/191583811435342/

This super sucks but its part of showbiz and our best wishes go to Sarah, she will be fine but just could not travel today.

INSTEAD we have an POP UP Open Mic starting at 22:00. We thought we donˇ’t want to leave the room empty. Sander has a show in Põlva on this night so the guys will do the opener and drive right back to Tartu and we will start at 22:00

Pop Up Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/487458005004710/

Appearing at the pop up open mic

Host: Ari Matti Mustonen
Mikael Meema
Karl-Alari Varma
Sander Õigus
Roger Andre
Rauno Kuusik

AND MORE, the Comedy Estonia crew will be out in force.

So late night Open Mic, lets have fun, have a few beers and make the most of the evening!

Sorry for the trouble guys, thank you for your understanding.

Louis Zezeran”

FB: https://fb.com/events/552419401792169/